In memory of Kip, who was with us as a foster dog for the last 12 weeks of her life.  Although she was with us for so short a time she gave us a lifetime of love and joy.  We will never forget her. 

For twelve years,
You gave your love unconditionally.
For us who came at the end,
Your stubby little tail wagged, we smiled.
We gave you all that was left to us to give,
Our loving hearts, our gentle hands,
And your journey over the Rainbow Bridge.
A life that mattered – forever free.


Chuck's faithful, trustworthy best friend for 17 short years. This loyal companion will be greatly missed and her memory shall be cherished with me always.

Oct 4 1988 -March 12, 2005

"The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make
a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too."

- Samuel Butler
May 7 - November 5, 2004

Thanks for the memories . . . . .
We thought that we found you, but maybe it was you who found us. You loved us unconditionally as we loved
you. We are so sad that you had to leave so soon, but we know that it is because there has to be a very special
plan for you. In just a few short weeks this fuzzy, energetic bundle of love and joy touched many lives. Roscoe will live
forever in our hearts and will remind us to love, to hug, to give kisses, and to make
new friends.
Connor was an inspiration to us all. In his short life, he brought boundless joy and bore his pain with optimism. Now he is free to run as he never could before. Connor left us on October 2, 2004, but he will remain forever in our hearts. He reminded us how to live, and, in his memory, many others will be helped.


JUNE 7, 1989 -JULY 7, 2004

Dear Friends

Wanted to thank each of you for all the kindness you bestowed upon me.

The parties we shared together were grand. I especially enjoyed the foods, treats, and loving affection shown me by all of you.

Love to all,


This is Sootie, my loving companion, who brought me untold joy and happiness when she was part of my life for six and a half wonderful years. She is never far from my thoughts and is always included in my prayers. I miss you, Sootie!

Sue Fraser
May 2004

This is a picture of Snugs and Pilgrim, beloved pets of Dave and Connie Boldt.  Both went over the Rainbow Bridge in 2002.  Snugs was 11 years old and Pilgrim was 13 years old.  No one will ever take their place in our hearts.

Connie Boldt, 28 April 04

This is Missy who we lost on June 6, 2004. She was loved and is still loved very much by Fred and Jean Weeks. She is still never far from our thoughts. We miss you so much Missy. We know you are waiting for us over the Rainbow Bridge.
You lived life your way.
Then you faced the end with dignity and purrs.
You will live in our hearts until we meet again,
Over the Rainbow Bridge.

1995 - 2006
She showed us how to live and love each day with joy and acceptance.
Jean and Chet Davis
May 24, 2006
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