TALGV is a private, non-profit, all volunteer organization serving the greater Green Valley area. Our primary purpose is to find new homes for companion animals whose owners are unable to care for them because of illness or other necessary lifestyle changes that cannot include their pet. We also assist as many other animals in need as our facilities and resources will permit.To accomplish its purpose, TALGV is to:

a. Provide life care and/or adoption service for the animal companions of people who, for reasons of health or other circumstances, are no longer able to care for them.
b. Encourage and promote an understanding of the human/animal relationship
c. Educate its members and the public about the current laws regarding prevention of cruelty to animals.
d. Sponsor spay/neuter programs to humanely control the overpopulation of unwanted animals.
e. Work closely with other animal rescue organizations and veterinary facilities.
f. Work with the news media to inform the public as to our efforts.
g. Preserve the quality of life of each animal in our care.
h. Maintain kennels for the proper care of the cats and dogs in TALGV custody.
i. Actively seek placement of animals into high quality homes for life.

TALGV is a 501[c](3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization.  We exist solely because of the kindness of those who donate their time, money, and supplies, and from sales from the Attic Thrift Shop.   Donations to TALGV are tax deductible.

Tax information for The Animal League of Green Valley is available upon request.