Approximate Age:
13 years, 1 months
15 pounds

Bobby Cat

Hi… my name is Bobby Cat,

Bobby Cat comes with FREE Vet Care for Life.

You know the old story ­ – mom goes into assisted living; feline friends don’t! If only that weren’t the case, but sad to say, it all too often is. My friend, Maude, and I lived with our mom for a little over two years, and life was grand until the seemingly inevitable medical problems associated with aging asserted themselves. Well, I’m aging, too, at 12½ years (so come with Free Vet Care for Life), but I’m still perky as can be and have so much love to give, that I’m hopeful there’s someone out there right now in need of a furry body to warm a lap or keep the winter chill at bay. So come on – free vet care and all the love you can stand? How can you possibly refuse?

Arrived September 16, 2016