Approximate Age:
9 years, 0 months
74 pounds


Hi… my name is Zion,

I’m a sweet, friendly guy—great company on walks—who appreciates the “let’s take it easy” way of life. At 9 years of age, I didn’t expect to leave home, but change happens. I’d been a gift to my owner two years ago, but now there isn’t room for me (74 pounds) in her new, smaller home. Plus, I don’t get along with her cat, and I guess the cat takes up less space. But you know what? I have a new favorite saying: The best is yet to come. One day soon, somebody is going to see me and say, “Buddy, I have enough room for you,” and they’re going to mean room in their home and in their heart. Will you let me share the best I have to give with you?

Arrived 4-8-17