Approximate Age:
6 years, 7 months


Hi… my name is Beauregard (aka Beaux),

Adopted with Kimo 9-2-17

You know it’s kind of demoralizing when you’re only 2 years old and are replaced by kittens when you’re basically still a youngster yourself! My mom adopted me when I was a kitten and she reaped the joys of watching me grow into a handsome golden-eyed boy, but now she seems to have decided that my more “adult” ways aren’t quite the entertainment she wants. Well, all I have to say to that is that she’s going to miss out many years of the “sit-in-your-lap-and-purr” kind of joy, in addition to seeing me grow into an even more impressive specimen of a Russian Blue than I already am! When you meet me, you’ll see what I mean, so hop on over here and find out!

Arrived 10-26-15; Adopted 12-13-15; Arrived 8-11-17