Approximate Age:
9 years, 9 months
9 pounds


Hi… my name is Camper,

Since I have been here at TALGV for more than a year, our Cat Care Volunteers will pay for my adoption fee.

Since arriving at TALGV in 2017 as a terrified stray (but already neutered, so someone loved me once!), I’ve evolved from a total “hands off me” guy to one who really enjoys soft words, petting, and brushing. I’m still shy and dislike being picked up, but I have a peaceable soul (I often help make new cats feel more comfortable in their new circumstances) and when others hiss at me, I just turn and walk away (that’s often the best solution in many instances!). I’m so hoping there’s a patient cat person out there who’ll help me remember what it’s like to be loved so I can repay them with a love of my own.

Arrived 1-27-17