Approximate Age:
15 years, 10 months


Hi… my name is Dotty,

Adopted August 13, 2016

You know it’s not easy for a 10-year-old declawed lady like me to be uprooted from what she thought was going to be her forever home and find herself in houseful of strangers (nice as it is!). That’s why it’s taking me a bit of time to adjust, but the volunteers are giving me extra-special attention, so I’m sure I’ll be my “old self” soon. My people said that I was a perfect sweetheart who loved to chat with you while being brushed and cuddled, and loved to sleep in my cat tower or up high on a bookshelf. I got along okay with the three dogs in residence (except for the rowdy puppy!), so a new life in maybe a quieter home would be the perfect antidote to my current blues!

Arrived July 22, 2016