Approximate Age:
17 years, 3 months


Hi… my name is Iris.

Adopted February 28, 2015

Iris comes with TALGV’s Free Vet Care for Life

It’s pretty sad when my name, Isis (which means giver of life and magic), had to be changed because of a group of extremists, but the connotation is so bad, pretty much everyone agreed. I lived with my dad (and two other cats, Hokmah and Sehkmet, who I wasn’t all that fond of!) for most of my life, and he said that although I’m a shy lady, I did enjoy playing with laser lights and ball toys, and sleeping in a “fort” he made of sheets for us (what a great guy!). I’m a beautiful solid black lady, and as a senior I come with TALGV’S Free Vet Care for Life. I loved my dad dearly, so would be awfully happy if I could continue that tradition in another peaceful, caring home.

Arrived February 8, 2015