Approximate Age:
8 years, 1 months
13 pounds


Hi… my name is Kitty,

Adopted 3-30-19

You don’t think of cats having separation anxiety, but when you’re a real “people person” like me, and your family is gone 8-10 hours a day, well, let me tell you I can get into trouble with a capital “T”! But when they’re home, Katie bar the door! Mom said, “She loves to be held, snuggle, and hugged. She loves to sleep on your lap (especially if there’s a soft fuzzy blanket on it!) and wants to be with you all the time (except if there’s a dog around). She wants and gives constant affection and attention.” So as you can see, I’m not your ordinary “I’ll get to you when I’m ready” kind of feline and I’m hopeful that’s exactly what you’re looking for!

Arrived 4-20-17; Adopted 9-3-17; Arrived 11-14-18; Adopted 11-21-18; Arrived 3-1-19