Approximate Age:
2 years, 10 months


Hi… my name is Koris,

Adopted 4-11-20

Well, all I can say about my life so far is that it’s a bummer! I’ve lived here since I was a baby and been through the proverbial mill. I developed a mysterious limp (that I sometimes still have, but it doesn’t bother me), got ringworm, then the sniffles, then something else (they all run together!), and I was in isolation so long that I never got the TLC a kittens needs. So I’m still a bit shy, but now I’m healthy and learning to really LOVE attention and petting (I just need some encouragement!), and I know that in your home, I’ll shine just like the star I’m meant to be! Won’t you PLEASE give me a chance in a home of my own?

Arrived 6-30-19