Approximate Age:
8 years, 9 months


Hi… my name is Nova.

Adopted December 7, 2014.

Our rescuer found my sister, Lucy, and I a few months ago, and although he thought we’d make a great addition to his home, his resident cats had VERY different ideas! So, well, you know the rule: last in/first out! Although both of us love to play and once you hold us, we purr up a storm, it’s evident that our formative weeks didn’t include a lot of love from humans, so we are a little shy when we first meet you. The solution to that of course, is to shower us with love and attention and prove to us how sweet and caring people really can be. I’m an interesting mix of Siamese and something else — the Siamese coming to the fore in my blue eyes — so you know that when I’m grown, I’m going to be a lover just like my forebears. I just know that’s what you want in a companion!