Approximate Age:
8 years, 4 months
11 pounds


Hi… my name is Sasha,

Adopted 3-3-18

Unlike 99% of cats, I’m not big into head scratches. The rest of me however? Just bring it on! Thirteen of my friends and I were abandoned outside when our mom was evicted and although the neighbors fed us for a while, thankfully they were aware of the perils we faced so some of us got to come here. Although fun at times (my rescuer said I LOVED to roll in the dirt!), it was tough scraping by every day and having to snatch my own share of food, so it would be wonderful if I could find a place where I can watch the word from the safety of a window. I know there are lots of windows in the area that need filling, so why not let me grace yours?

Arrived 1-23-18