Approximate Age:
11 years, 11 months
11 pounds


Hi… my name is Serendipity,

Adopted 10-27-21

People tend to think that it’s only dogs that can be possessive of their people, but we cats can be that way too. I loved my mom, but when her small dogs wanted to share her lap, things got pretty unpleasant, so mom tearfully decided I had to go. (My dad’s allergies worsened with me in the house, so there was that too.) In my past life, I was also jealous of a new baby, so it’s obvious I need to be your one and only. I’m a sweet, loving, and beautiful lady who can lie with you all day and will play anytime, so if it’s just you and me, life will be serene!

Arrived 2-23-21, Adopted 4-15-21, Arrived 7-9-21