Approximate Age:
13 years, 3 months

Tiger Lily

Hi… my name is Tiger Lily.

Adopted February 8, 2015

I arrived at my family’s farm with my brother as a kitten and fell in love with the teenage girl and when she matured and moved to Tucson, I went with her. At first things were okay, but when she had twins, and I was moved outside and had a hard time with my new “outdoor-only” city life, so went back to the farm where I thought I’d be happy again. Unfortunately, my brother didn’t want me back, and he terrorized me daily until I became dreadfully insecure and was actually in danger. I’m a lovely, 6-year-old Abyssinian/Tabby mix girl, and all I ask of life is a home (indoors please!) with people (and even cat-friendly dogs!) who’ll snuggle with me and where I can be safe for the rest of my days!

Arrived February 3, 2015.