Approximate Age:
7 years, 0 months
32 pounds


Hi… my name is Claudia,

Adopted 2-18-18

I’m a 1-year-old Lab mix female (some say “mini Lab” because I’m just 32 pounds), and I’m also a social butterfly! From the volunteers to visitors to my doggie kennelmate, I try to be friends with everyone I’m near. Oh, I know you must be careful if you’re not in a safe place, and I know that kind of place because I was a lost dog—a very scary experience. Fortunately, I was found, arriving in my finder’s yard after wandering the area for at least a week. Now I’m super happy to be safely here—playing, having fun, making friends, learning doggie stuff. But most of all, I’m watching, because someday my forever friend will appear at my window. We’ll go home together and live happily ever after. Am I watching for you?

Arrived 2-5-18