Approximate Age:
13 years, 0 months


Hi… my name is Drake,

Adopted 4-5-17

Drake has FREE Vet Care for Life

I’ll be a gracious gentleman and simply say that I became a TALGV dog because my owner forgot to pick me up. (The word “abandoned” is so hurtful that I’ve chosen to forget it.) So, I’ve been waiting a while, but now my future looks great—the chance for a happy, comfy, loving home with my wonderful new someone. Who could ask for more? Oh, I should explain that if you notice my chronic limp, that’s due to a past injury to one of my legs. Of course, I still hope you choose me for my charm and good looks, but there’s also this practical reassurance: I’m 10 years old, so I come with FREE vet care for life! I’m a blonde Labrador Retriever male. Could you be the one I’m watching for?

Arrived 1-15-17