Approximate Age:
3 years, 8 months
47 pounds


Hi… my name is Kacie,

Adopted 12-27-22

After following a gentleman most of the way home, I jumped into his car, and we  searched for anyone who might know me. After three days he decided TALGV may have better luck. I’m a female Rottweiler mix, approximately 2 years old, and I’m looking forward to meeting you! Since I was found, there is little known about me, but volunteers say I’m very affectionate, can use a doggy door, sit when told, and probably know even more. It seems I do understand the word “walk,” and even though I’m excited to go, I settle down quickly. In other words…I walk very well! I’m on my second roommate because my first, I’m happy to say, was adopted. Now I’m just waiting for YOU to offer ME a forever home with YOU. My answer? YES!!!

FOUND – Arrived 10-22-22