Approximate Age:
5 years, 11 months
21 pounds


Hi… my name is Paris,

Adopted 12-18-18

Here at the Animal League, most of the dogs have interesting stories to tell: They were found in a wild yard, or their people moved, or sometimes they share a tale of adventure. But not me. I’m pretty much a blank slate. Still puppy age—born about February 2018—I was found when a kind stranger picked me up and I ended up here. Today, I’m an adorable 21-pound, black and tan female Manchester Terrier mix (we think), and definitely a fun-loving girl. I’m usually a confident pup, too, glad to join in playtime with any friendly person who’s willing, and eager to learn the things puppies need to know. And all the time, I’m watching hopefully—eager for a home of my own, a happy future, and someone to love forever, like you!

Arrived 11-21-18