Approximate Age:
7 years, 3 months


Hi… my name is Sandy,

Adopted 2-16-17

Lots of people I’ve met here at the Animal League greet me with “How did a wonderful dog like you get lost?” Isn’t that sweet? Of course, I must reply that I don’t know. Beyond noting that I was found near Walden Grove High School, my history is a mystery. But whatever happened, it gave me the chance to make lots of new friends and their attention sure makes me happy. I’m a Golden Retriever female and you can guess my color—golden—and if you think I’m often smiling, well, I probably am. I may have been a lost dog, but I’m real good at finding the joy in life—and certainly find it in my friends! If you let me into your heart and home, I’ll share that joy with you forever!

Arrived 2-8-17