Approximate Age:
7 years, 0 months
10 pounds
Special Needs:
Simba & Charlie are bonded and need to be adopted together


CHARLIE is a 14-pound, 11-year-old PB Yorkshire Terrier with a black and gold coat.

SIMBA is Charlie’s son, a 7-year-old, 10-pound Yorkie mix with a handsome golden coat.

Charlie and Simba are gentle, well-behaved Yorkies that love adults and children. They are neutered, up to date on shots, healthy, and medical records are available. They respond to commands: sit, come, walk, shake, snackie, and bathie. They are good with other dogs but not with cats. They are trained to use pee pads in the house, will ask to go out, or will use doggy door. They are leash trained and love going for walks. Charlie and Simba are bonded companions and need to be adopted together.

If you will welcome Charlie and Simba into a loving home as part of your family, please call Christina anytime at 520-272-9771.

March 20, 2024