Foster Care at The Animal League of Green Valley

What is a Foster Parent?

A person or family willing to give a dog or cat shelter and care in a home environment for a period of time agreed upon by the Foster Parent and the Foster Care Coordinator.

Why is fostering needed?

Dogs and cats that find themselves in a shelter often have experienced traumas such as: the death of their owner; relinquishment due to divorce or financial upsets; becoming stray due to inadequate supervision; being abused; or being abandoned. These animals are stressed and afraid. Therefore, when they finally get to our shelter, they often need TLCCTender Loving Care & Correction.

Newborn kitten nursing

Puppies and kittens under 8 weeks of age need special, constant attention and care in a home environment. When they reach an adoptable age, they can be returned to our shelter for placement.

Cats and dogs that are recovering from medical conditions often need a few weeks in a loving home to mend. A pet might also need the security of a home situation in order to regain trust and confidence.

Foster Parents help shelter pets become more adoptable.

Foster Parents are needed to:

  • Provide a safe home environment if there is no room at our shelter when the dog/cat arrives
  • Provide a place to convalesce after a surgery or illness
  • Give TLC and a respite from shelter life stressors
  • Provide rules, boundaries and limitations
  • Begin basic dog obedience to nurture good habits
  • Assess behavior(s) that need correction

Puppy in need of some TLC

Who Should be a Foster Parent?

  • People who have the time and compassion to care for an animal
  • People who can work on housebreaking, if necessary
  • People who are willing to teach animals basic “house manners”
  • People who have patience, flexibility, a sense of humor, and realistic expectations for themselves and the animal

How can I become a Foster Parent for The Animal League?

Fill out the volunteer application (found here)
and check “foster care” under areas of interest.

And the answer is YES…

Can I adopt the cat or dog I foster?
Yes, by going through the regular adoption process.
I have a pet. Can I still be a Foster Parent?
Yes, if your current pet is compatible with the foster dog or cat. It could be therapeutic and beneficial for both animals.
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