Approximate Age:
9 years, 3 months


Hi… my name is Bob.

Adopted September 30, 2014.

When my mom, who was active duty military, had to move to Maryland for her new posting, pets weren’t allowed at the family’s new housing, so my housemate, Henry, and I lost our home. I lived with them all my life so it might take a while for me to adjust to my new circumstances, but since they say that I love attention and to be held and cuddled, I have high hopes that it won’t be long before someone recognizes my virtues! I’m a delightful, young bobtail grey tabby boy (thus my name I guess!), who is playful, kittenlike, and very gentle and tolerant of kids (I had two in my “former life”!) so I know that I’m going to adapt to my new life in a jiffy. Where better than with you?

Arrived August 29, 2014