Approximate Age:
6 years, 1 months
12 pounds


Hi… my name is Patches,

A flop ear is usually a dog thing, but since I’m so special I’ve got my own version ­– it’s just “slightly off” they say, but immensely charming! My mom relinquished me because she was only allowed one pet and the darn dog got to stay (I thought that was a terrible idea), so now I’m doing my best to charm my way into YOUR world. Mom said I love cat scratchers, treats, sitting on laps, and sleeping on or under her bed. She said I’m “needy” in that I do crave attention, am playful and kittenlike, and although I’m initially shy with strangers, once we get to know each other, we’ll be strangers no more!

If you are considering adoption, please call TALGV office (520-625-3170) and make a date to meet me soon. Kennel appointments are between 10 and 2 every day.

Arrived 5-17-21