Approximate Age:
6 years, 11 months


Hi… my name is Crackle,

Adopted September 7, 2015

Chances are you can guess by my name and those of my siblings, Snap and Pop, that we were dubbed the “Rice Crispies Litter!” Like a lot of the summer crop of kittens, we were too young and too small to come to TALGV after we were found, so one of the awesome volunteers took us home to “fatten us up” and socialize us so we’d be the perfect size and have the perfect personalities to entice potential adopters. Well, it worked like a charm for my siblings, but I’m still waiting for that special someone to come through the door. I’m having tons of fun playing with my “kittens-in-arms,” but would way rather be doing that in a big, endlessly fascinating home of my own! I’ll bet your place would be just perfect!

Arrived August 22, 2015