Approximate Age:
7 years, 0 months

Dolly Cat

Hi… my name is Dolly Cat,

Adopted 11-15-19

On the off chance you didn’t know, cats can be changeable creatures, but we often have trouble dealing with change itself! When my dad moved, he couldn’t take me with him, and my contented life was turned all topsy-turvy. It’s been a hard row to hoe for me here with so many other felines, but the volunteers are spending extra time with me, doing their best to show me that life really could be a happy one again. I’m a sleek, svelte girl who’s only lived with an older person, so I’ll bet a patient “cat person” in a quiet, one-pet-only home where I can get lots of understanding would suit me to a “T.”

Arrived 5-27-15; Adopted 7-17-15; Arrived 5-3-17

Bio revised 7-15-18