Approximate Age:
3 years, 0 months

Dolly Cat

Hi… my name is Dolly Cat.

On the off chance you didn’t know it, cats can be changeable creatures! When I first arrived at TALGV I had a really bad case of “cage rage” and everyone thought I’d be hell on wheels. Well, once they let me out of that confining space (it was really scary and lonely in there!), presto-chango, I’m a perfectly lovely girl who really enjoys petting! When my dad moved away, he couldn’t take my friend, Sonata, or me with him, so now I’m in the market for another chin-chucking, ear-scratching human to love. I’m a sleek, svelte 2-year-old who’s only lived with an older person (and Sonata, of course), so I’ll bet a quiet home where I can get lots of attention would suit me to a “T.”

Arrived 5-27-15; Adopted 7-17-15; Arrived 5-3-17