Approximate Age:
7 years, 6 months
9 pounds
Special Needs:
Earl is FIV positive


Hi… my name is Earl,

Adopted by Cat Care Volunteers as Hall Greeter 12-10-19

Comes with Vet Care Support for Life

If I’m not the poster boy for a “tomcat,” I don’t know who is, ‘cause I look like a fighter who’s gone one round too many in the ring! My family abandoned me at a veterinarian’s office after they discovered that I’m FIV positive, and provided no information about my past, but judging by my appearance, I’ve had one excitement-filled life! My personality never took any hits though, as I’m an absolute sweetheart who loves attention. Since I’m considered “special needs,” I have Vet Care Support for Life, but I promise to love you forever for that second chance at life. (And FYI, I can live with other cats, as long as we get along!)

Arrived 11-16-19