Approximate Age:
6 years, 5 months


Hi… my name is Gypsy,

Adopted 12-3-16

Yes, I’ve got a “girlie” name, but I’ve gone through several “sex changes” since I arrived (first female, then male, then female, and now they’re sure I’m a guy!). In any case, I’m a totally friendly, outgoing, 6-month-old loverboy who will make your life that much happier no matter what sex I am! The man who rescued me from the streets only had me for a few months before he died, but the neighbors who fed me said I was “curious about everything,” and a guy who “never knew a stranger.” I’m enjoying the safety of my digs here, but would sure rather have the run of your place so I can release my inner lion and share my very own brand of feline enchantment!

Arrived June 15, 2016