Approximate Age:
2 years, 8 months
8 pounds


Hi… my name is Joan,

Some of you may remember the line “why’s everybody always picking on me?” from the song “Charlie Brown.” That’s what I’ve been wondering for quite a while now, ‘cause although I’m a totally sweet girl, one of the five other cats I lived with was making my life miserable. Truth be told, I was shy with the others, too, so being your one and only would, as they say, “make my day.” My dad said I’m very playful and loving, like catnip mice and my “turbo scratcher” (they’re those circular things with perforated cardboard in the middle and a ball on the outside), and I want more than anything to have you all to myself!

If you are considering adoption, please call TALGV office (520-625-3170) and make a date to meet me soon. Kennel appointments are between 10 and 2 every day.

Arrived 5-18-21