Approximate Age:
7 years, 8 months


Hi… my name is Jordan.

Adopted April 25, 2015.

Ya know, you’d think that when people adopt kittens, they’d expect, well, kitten behavior! But not so the two people that adopted me! I was only in their homes for a few weeks, and was returned both times because they “had forgotten how energetic kittens are!” Okay — we’re into everything, are super curious, playful, and active — that’s supposed to be a huge part of our charm! Soon enough (too soon, some say!), we grow out of that and become dignified, laid back housemates. So if you’re looking for a year of fun, and then lots of years of just “hanging out,” then I’d be your guy. I’m already a “teenager” and am desperate for a person or family to love. C’mon now, admit it, I’m really what you want, aren’t I?

Arrived February 12, 2015.