Approximate Age:
5 years, 10 months
15 pounds
Special Needs:
Available for adoption with Ben


Hi… my name is Katie,

Adopted with Ben 9-5-21

I lived in a hoarding situation until Paws Patrol rescued me and then I came here because they were overcrowded. During my years living with many other cats, I became especially bonded with Ben, so it’s been agreed that we should continue on in our new lives together (and without any kids or dogs, please). Even though I’m quiet and shy ‘til I get to know you, I’m sweet and gentle, like playing with my catnip mice, just adore bring brushed, and with love and patience, one of these days may even make a dynamite lap cat! I’m betting Ben and I will be just the ticket to add joy and entertainment to your summer!

Arrived 6-14-21