Approximate Age:
21 years, 11 months
16 pounds

KC Girl

Hi… my name is KC Girl.

Adopted April 27, 2016

KC Girl Comes with Free Vet Care for Life

My dad adopted me from TALGV ten years ago when I was five and my life with him (and a young cat) was peachy keen until he decided he wanted to travel. Now there are some cats who’ll say, “Yay — let’s go” (well not too many actually!), but at my age, I guess I wasn’t up to it and wanted to just “be me” in my own familiar surroundings. Dad said that I love being brushed, will let you clip my front claws, and sleep pretty much wherever I want. I do need to trim down a smidge, but that’s only a matter of less food and fewer treats (and maybe some exercise?) — just like humans, so won’t you give this perfectly seasoned lady one more chance?

Arrived May 16, 2015; Adopted July 1, 2015; Arrived October 3, 2015