Approximate Age:
5 years, 8 months
5 pounds
Special Needs:
FeLV positve


Hi… my name is Leia,

Adopted 9-9-17

Comes with FREE Vet Care for Life

Just a wild guess, but I’m betting you know what my four babies were named! Yep, Han, Luke, Vader, and Yoda, and they’ve already found homes (all kittens are cute, but I’ve gotta say that mine were extra-special!). Having a litter at just 10 months old was hard on me though as I’m such a tiny little thing in addition to being FeLV positive, so I was pretty under the weather for a while. But now I’m well on my way to glowing health and am giving everyone that old “come hither” stare as they pass hoping some special someone will find me totally irresistible. With my mostly-white coat, tabby “hat,” and almond eyes (and did I mention sparkling personality?) that should be easy!

Arrived 7-14-17