Approximate Age:
13 years, 7 months


Hi… my name is Madison (aka Kiki),

Adopted 12-30-17

I’ve been keeping a low profile here in my “cubby” since I arrived back in 2013, but that just underscores what my mom, who had to give me up because of allergies in our home, said — “the more attention you give her, the more she’ll open up” — but I’m afraid that’s kind of hard to do with so many other cats here vying for your affections! She also said I’m fairly independent, but when it was just the two of us and things were peaceful, I loved petting, being groomed, and playing with the odd toy now and then. I’m a quiet lady (who prefers being called “Kiki,” a condensed version of “kitty kitty”), and I’ll bet with a bit of patience, I’ll win your heart in a minute!

Arrived October 19, 2013