Approximate Age:
3 years, 5 months
10 1/2 pounds
Special Needs:
Mija is diabetic


Hi… my name is Mija,

“A friend found her along the road, but she’s allergic to cats, so couldn’t keep her. Mija is diabetic and needs shots twice a day, so I’m not able to care for her either. She’s the most endearing cat I’ve ever seen – she’s super loving and adores being petted. My friend said when she found her it looked like she’d been frantic and confused and in panic tried to climb a cholla cactus.” Quite a saga, huh? Well after all that, I’m now on the mend and ready for a 180-degree turnaround in my life! I’m an easy rider (with my shots and everything else), so please consider giving this still-pretty-much-a-youngster a shot (pun intended)!

Arrived 6-22-19