Approximate Age:
7 years, 7 months


Hi… my name is Sammie,

Adopted with Stash 12-8-19

You know two words I’d like to see disappear from the English language? “Landlord issues!” That’s what happened when my family exceeded its allotment in pet “dependents.” Then my second family decided to move out of state to a place that didn’t allow pets (pretty poor planning, I’d say!), so I’m hopeful my third home will be a charm. Anyway, I got along with everyone, loved sitting in windows, and being petted (on my head). I’m not big on being held. however, but sometimes I’m in the mood, so I’ll let you know (I have a “very sassy attitude”)! I’m a 4½-year-old bundle of fun just sitting here waiting for Mr. (or Ms.) Right to appear!

Arrived 9-29-18; Adopted 1-27-19; Arrived 6-19-19