Approximate Age:
12 years, 6 months


Hi… my name is Oakie.

Adopted 11-9-16

Life’s ups and downs can be really stressful for us felines, and it took me quite some time to feel safe at TALGV. Frankly, I was really frightened upon arrival, but am adjusting nicely now. My mom said that I’m a sweet lady who gets along with adults and other cats (no kids), am “safe around birds” (in case you have a few flying around in your house), and that I enjoyed a spot of Ensure every day (we can share!). She said that I only ate dry food and that my belled collar was my “security blanket” talisman that kept me safe! I’m a sweet, tortoiseshell lady who’s recovering from the pain of losing the only home I’ve ever known, but with patience will adjust to a quiet new life with you.

Arrived November 9, 2014.