Approximate Age:
7 years, 11 months


Hi… my name is Rolanda,

Adopted 7-14-21

Lots of cats go crazy for catnip. I, however, am more of the “human-please-pet-me type” and would rather spend time with you. I also like laser toys and seafood flavored food. Oh, and I was raised with three kids, so I’m good there too. What I don’t much like is living with other cats (males especially), as I wasn’t happy with their advances and was intimidated by them (especially near the litter box). It won’t take me long to warm up and favor you with my deep-throated purr and body rubs, so at 6 years old, I’d sure like to spend the rest of my long life doing my best to make you happy!

Arrived 8-23-14, Adopted 12-30-14, Arrived 4-24-21