Approximate Age:
18 years, 8 months


Hi… my name is Shadow.

Adopted April 8, 2015.

I lived with my dad all my life, but when a new resident arrived it turned out that she was HIGHLY allergic to me, so I had to move on in life. Ironically, I have allergies of my own, so I only eat Science Diet Z/D wet and dry food, but I really like it, so that’s no problem. I’m said to be quiet and friendly and “will love you for everything you do for her – your kindness will be returned with affection and good manners.” I’m a beautiful declawed (for those of you who care about that), lady and as a “senior” I come with Free Vet Care for Life, so I can’t see any reason not to take home! Come visit and you’ll be convinced.

Shadow comes with FREE Vet Care for Life.

Arrived September 2, 2014.