Approximate Age:
1 years, 2 months
Special Needs:
Available for adoption with Rapscallion


Hi… my name is Shenanigan,

Adopted with Rapscallion 11-20-23

My bonded companion Rapscallion and I might be living up to our Naughty Litter names. We aren’t really naughty, just full of energetic life. We first arrived at The Animal League as tiny kittens from Rio Rico. We were adopted into a home with other cats, and that just didn’t work out. Perhaps our next home should be just the two of us. I’m very friendly and like to cuddle on my human’s lap. I’m a beauty who gets along with children and adults. However, I have no experience with dogs. I have new frontiers to explore, and I’d like to do that with Rapscallion and you. How about it?

Arrived 6-1-23, Adopted with Rapscallion 6-10-23, Arrived 11-4-23