Approximate Age:
17 years, 10 months


Hi… my name is Tess,

Adopted 4-10-20

Comes with Vet Care Support for Life

Until not too long ago, I was just the most wonderful companion to my dad – a quiet, loving, and affectionate lady who loved petting – and his very best friend. Then age-related things started catching up with me (there may be people in Green Valley who can identify with that!), and there were times when I just wanted to be left alone. The wonderful people here at TALGV have given me a thorough “going over” to be sure there’s nothing amiss (at 15-plus, those things happen!), so now I’m good as new (well, almost – I guess we never get back to “new!”). So stay tuned for my progress – I’m aiming to be my old loving self soon!

Arrived 5-22-18