Approximate Age:
20 years, 6 months

Tiger Baby

Hi… my name is Tiger Baby.

Adopted September 27, 2015

My mom was 99 when she went into assisted living and I had to stay in her home alone for two months while a neighbor fed me. I was so shy and frightened when I arrived at TALGV that I’ve gone to live with a foster mom for a while to get my bearings again. Well, what a difference that’s made! I’ve made myself right at home and give her little nose kisses in the morning when I want her to get up.  I’ll even talk to you if you talk to me, and I’ve become so much of a lap cat that you need to push me off when you want to get up! Oh, and I also have free “Vet Care For Life” as I’m 14 years old now (but in great health!), so that’s even one more reason to make this seasoned lady your own! Why not call TALGV and make an appointment to meet me!

Tiger Baby comes with FREE Vet Care for Life.

Arrived November 14, 2014.