Approximate Age:
11 years, 5 months


Hi… my name is Tutone,

Adopted 1-3-21

Here’s one recipe for getting rescued: Pick a house. Show up every morning and evening looking really lost and hungry. Get fed (all my rescuer had was dog food, but that was okay by me — I just gobbled it down!). Go looking for your lost owner during the day, then come back and sit there looking forlorn. Rescuer will give you a nice warm carrier to sleep in. Then never leave the porch, look wistfully inside, and convey the obvious desire to be a house cat! Well, most of it worked except I didn’t get to stay ‘cause of the dog, but I’ll bet someone else will fall for my moves in a minute! I’m a loving, handsome 7-year-old guy with plenty of stories to share and advice to give!

Arrived 12-9-17