Approximate Age:
3 years, 10 months
6 pounds
Special Needs:
Available for adoption with Bobby


Hi… my name is Wilder,

Adopted with Bobby 3-25-21

It’s been two years since my brother, Bobby, and I arrived and given the upheaval in our lives, we’ve made a lot of progress (well, he’s made more than me, but they’re working on it!). When our mom died, a shelter took us in, but when they became a “dog only” shelter, we were left without homes. Once we were happy, well-adjusted kids, but so much changed that we’ve done some “backsliding” personality-wise. Because we’re bonded, everyone agrees that we’d adapt to a new home much better together, so we’re crossing tails hoping to find a patient, understanding cat person who’ll let us learn to enjoy a new life with you in our own time.  (bio rev 2-26-21)

Arrived 3-30-19