Approximate Age:
8 years, 0 months
53 pounds


Hi… my name is Beau,

Adopted 3-17-18

“He is among the most devoted dogs we have ever owned…extraordinarily sensitive…a WONDERFUL dog.” That’s my mom and dad talking about me, and there’s more: “He is very eager to please, loves everybody—even delivery people, and especially kids—and has never shown aggression towards a person.” But when Mom had serious medical concerns, I became protective, and more reactive to other dogs. Now that both of my people have health and mobility issues, and although it broke their hearts to say it, they think I deserve a less stressful home, where I can get regular exercise and I’m the only dog. I’m a 2-year-old Red Heeler mix male, housebroken, leash- and crate-trained, who loves the company of people. I’m meant to be someone’s loyal and loving companion—will you let me be yours?

Arrived 2-28-18