Approximate Age:
7 years, 3 months
52 pounds


Hi… my name is Dee,

Adopted 4-14-18

“Dee is a happy spirit.” One of my TALGV friends described me that way, plus this: “She always has a smile with a ready wag of her tail. She loves to gaze into your eyes.” Aren’t people great? My friend is right—I am happy, especially around people because I love, love, love people! And I’m calm; sometimes dogs around me are barking up a storm and I just listen. As for exercise, I prefer average walks (not big hikes)—may I say, I’m great on a leash—and will be quite content to lie at your feet for long stretches of time. I’m a 1-year-old Lab mix female, housebroken, can use a doggie door, and always eager to please my person. How about we get together and see if “my person” should be you!

Arrived 11-9-17; Adopted 12-2-17; Arrived 1-25-18