Approximate Age:
6 years, 1 months
59 pounds


Hi… my name is Harley,

I’m an easy-going gal that’s neither shy nor exuberant, affectionate nor demanding attention, but mostly I’m just me! I ride well with a window cracked for me to feel the air and sniff the aromas. I walk well but need a strong handler to control me. While walking I understand the “wait” command and will pause until given a release command, “OK” or “let’s go.” I’ll “sit” when told (if not distracted). I’m house trained and even though I’m not crate trained, I have no aversion to them. Recently, possibly because of storms, I’ve been escaping by digging under or going over a 6 ½’ fence. I usually don’t get along well with other dogs, so I need to be your only dog. What I really love are people of all ages! If you think you’re the right person(s) I’d enjoy meeting you!

If you are considering adoption, please call TALGV office (520-625-3170) and make a date to meet me soon. Kennel appointments are between 10 and 2 every day.

Arrived 12-5-17, Adopted 4-7-18, Arrived 7-31-21