Approximate Age:
13 years, 6 months
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Hi… my name is Harley.

I was adopted June 14, 2014.

You know siblings don’t always get along (I guess sometimes the human ones don’t either!), and that’s why I ended back at TALGV where I started out. My family adopted my brother and me together when we were puppies, figuring we’d be great pals. Sadly, as we aged, dominant personalities emerged in us both so life was not exactly serene for the family. I love people though, am a great watchdog, and have had obedience and crate training, so I really am a pretty well behaved guy when my brother isn’t around. I don’t do well with little kids (they are a bit too “grabby” sometimes), and I am definitely not a “water dog” (swimming pools and all that running around make me a bit jumpy), but with a calm (but active) family, I’ll be a model companion. Why not give me the chance to prove myself?