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Hi… my name is P.J.,

Adopted 2-14-22

I am a large puppy looking for a home where I can have lots of fun, be the center of attention, and learn how to be a well behaved dog. The folks here at TALGV think I’m part chow and part Newfoundland, but I can’t remember that far back, so I don’t know for sure either. What I do remember is that a kind man picked me up when I was all alone on the road and took me home for a bit. But he already has a canine best friend, so he brought me here. I’m getting spoiled by the volunteers and loving every minute of it. But my very own human best friend (or an entire family of them!) would be better yet! Can I be yours?


FOUND – Arrived 2-4-22

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Hi… my name is Walnut,

Adopted with Nutcracker 9-3-21

I am a medium sized chow mix who arrived at TALGV with Nutcracker. They think I may be his dad, but I’m not telling! My son – oops, I mean: my friend! – is a lot gutsier than I am and I usually take my cues from him. I need a bit more time before I let people pet me and usually wait until Nutcracker has checked them out and found them to be okay. (Although, I must say, he is pretty easy to please!) I don’t like walking on a leash much, but I’m okay with it if we all walk together. If you are patient with me, I promise that I can learn to do better. I get along with other large dogs and I do like people once I know I can trust them.

If you are considering adoption, please call TALGV office (520-625-3170) and make a date to meet me soon. Kennel appointments are between 10 and 2 every day.

Arrived 2-7-21

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Hi… my name is Nutcracker,

Adopted with Walnut 9-3-21

I arrived at TALGV with Walnut who they think may be my dad, but he has sworn me to secrecy! I really like being petted and talked to and I am quite affectionate. I also take care of Walnut because he is kinda shy and usually waits for me to check things (and people) out before he trusts anyone. They say I need to learn to walk better on a leash because I stop a lot without much warning to the person walking me. For some reason people don’t like that. Maybe you can help me understand and do better? Like Walnut, I do get along well with other large dogs. I would like to find a home – and a person to cuddle with – but Walnut will need to come, too.

Arrived 2-7-21

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Hi… my name is Moocher,

Adopted 11-30-20

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… if you are considering adoption, please call TALGV office (520-625-3170) and make a date to meet me soon. Kennel appointments are between 10 and 2 every day.

Arrived 11-17-20

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Hi… my name is Izzy,

Adopted 1-22-20

I’m a good looking, dare I say handsome, young fellow. My family left me and my sister, Daisy, on what was supposed to be a temporary basis. Guess what? You guessed it! They never returned. A lady took care of us for three months and when it was obvious that we had been abandoned, we were brought to TALGV to find us a new home. We are both, and I quote, “sweet but untrained.” Even though we were not considered leash trained, I heard that some walkers were happy to see how well we actually did. We have lived outside on fenced-in acreage since we were young, so we’re really looking forward to a comfy indoor life in our near future. If you would just come and visit and meet us in person, I believe you’d like what you see.

Arrived 1-7-20

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Hi… my name is Buster,

Adopted 7-9-18

I like to take life in the peaceful, friendly lane. Oh, I still adhere to my good-dog duties, but in my own sweet way. For instance, my former owner said I would bark and growl to let you know a stranger was approaching, “but when the person gets close, he’ll love on them.” Recently, that positive attitude has stood me in good stead as I’ve dealt with two challenges. First, I lost my home. My previous owner is driving an 18-wheeler now and couldn’t take me along. Next, I needed medical care for heartworm, which took some time but I’m very glad to report that I successfully completed the treatment. Now, more than ever, I’m ready for the best part of life—a happy future with someone fun, loving, and kind. Is that you?

Arrived 2-16-18

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Hi… my name is Marley,

Adopted 2-25-20

Has earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate

“A wonderful, loving, good boy.” That’s what my friend said after I spent a week with his family. Plus this: “Great with kids, ages 12 and 13; great with our 6-year-old female German Shepherd.” So what went wrong? Cats. I cannot live with cats. I have some food protection issues, too, but the cats were the deal-breaker. My friend was really sad to say good-bye—even wrote a report on what an awesome dog I am, saying that I’m leash trained, good in the house when the owner is gone, know commands, and love everything. It’s true—I love fetch, affection, and just being with people because I have a ton of love to give. I’m a gorgeous, fun-loving boy, and if you’ll give me a chance, I’ll happily bring joy to your days.

Arrived 2-19-18; Adopted 3-7-18; Arrived 5-11-18

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Hi… my name is Ranger,

Adopted 10-16-17

I like to think my dad would be proud of my excellent behavior at TALGV. After he died, rather suddenly, a kind lady brought me here, where I’ve quickly made new friends and earned lots of praise. The medical people said my behavior during my intake exam was “perfect!” And how am I on a leash? “Great!” Overall personality? “Sweet, nice and friendly.” I gather those adjectives are important to people, and I want to add one that’s real important to me: “Hopeful.” I’m a 3-1/2-year-old red Chow mix male, about 62 pounds, and every day I hope to be the dog someone wonderful will love. For me, the happiest life will be spent as somebody’s buddy for fun, for company, and for keeps. Could you be the one to take me home forever?

Arrived 8-14-17

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Hi… my name is (Mr.) Thor.

Adopted 5-26-17

Friends call me “one great all-around guy.” Smart and friendly, I could be your cuddly, sweet buddy, too. At 4-1/2 years old, being active keeps me young and happy; I love to run and spend lots of every day at play. And I can be great with other active dogs in the family—more fun for all! In my last home, we learned I get along best with older teenagers and adults; I form strong bonds and if my person isn’t “boss” enough, I’ll want to protect them. I know commands like “sit,” and walk well on a leash. Plus, in addition to other dogs, I’ve lived with a lizard, turtle, and even cats! So if you have an active lifestyle, won’t you please add this great all around-around guy to your team!

Adopted 12-14-14; Arrived 4-2-17

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Hi… my name is Polly.

Adopted 4-16-17

Polly comes with TALGV’s FREE “Vet Care for Life” Program.

My story starts in 2007, when my sister and I were little puppies found abandoned off Interstate 19. Being adorable balls of fluff, we were soon adopted and life was splendid for a while, but then our mom died. After that, two years ago, I was adopted again, but something happened—we don’t know what—and I was found as a stray. Fortunately, my records were traced to TALGV, where they welcomed me back with open arms. I’m 10 years old now and qualify for FREE Vet Care for Life! Even better, I’m a sweet, friendly female, who’s good on a leash, has lived with other dogs, and at 38 pounds (under my fluffy fur), a very nice size. I’m going to give lots of love and joy to someone—shouldn’t it be you?

Arrived  2-25-14; Adopted 2-5-15; Arrived 3-7-17


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Hi… my name is Queenie Sue,

Adopted 9-16-17

Queenie Sue has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.

Running free can be glorious if you’re safe—like when you’re at home or out running with your person. But I was found running loose and not safe at all because I was near a highway, without a collar or tag, and without a friend until a gentleman stopped, picked me up and brought me here. People say I’m stunningly beautiful—a blonde and white Husky mix female with a good-looking physique at 61 pounds—and those kind words are sweet, but I’m way more interested in how we feel about each other. Come visit and you’ll see that I’m looking for a friend. I’m 4 years old and still energetic, so we could exercise and then relax together the way old buddies do. How about it? Could we be friends for life?

Arrived 2-10-17

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Hi… my name is Calvin,

Adopted 7-26-17

Calvin has earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.

When I was found in a grocery store parking lot, folks weren’t sure what to call me. So a DNA test was done, which showed I’m part Bullmastiff, Chow Chow, Staffordshire Terrier, Samoyed, and other mixed breeds. TALGV volunteers say I’m also part angel because I’m a loving, good sport, who walks well on a leash, likes to play, cuddle, just hang out with good people, or do whatever you ask (especially if you have cheese or a hotdog to share). To demonstrate my good manners, I earned the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen certificate, the gold standard for behavior programs; my vocabulary includes words like sit, down, stay, and more. I’m an easygoing, handsome (one blue eye, one brown), 3-year-old male, 72 pounds, ready to be someone’s loyal best buddy. Are you ready, too?

Arrived 10-21-16

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