Approximate Age:
4 years, 7 months
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Hi… my name is Izzy,

Adopted 1-22-20

I’m a good looking, dare I say handsome, young fellow. My family left me and my sister, Daisy, on what was supposed to be a temporary basis. Guess what? You guessed it! They never returned. A lady took care of us for three months and when it was obvious that we had been abandoned, we were brought to TALGV to find us a new home. We are both, and I quote, “sweet but untrained.” Even though we were not considered leash trained, I heard that some walkers were happy to see how well we actually did. We have lived outside on fenced-in acreage since we were young, so we’re really looking forward to a comfy indoor life in our near future. If you would just come and visit and meet us in person, I believe you’d like what you see.

Arrived 1-7-20