Approximate Age:
4 years, 2 months
50 pounds


Hi… my name is Jolene,

Adopted 4-6-21

Notes from foster mom:

Jolene, Jolene… Prettiest girl you’ve ever seen. Fur of silky black, eyes of beautiful brown and weighs 50 pounds. She smiles when she greets people she loves. She is a sweet, affectionate one year-old dog that interrupted her puppyhood with a litter of 9 beautiful puppies. They are all weaned and have gone to homes of their own. She is very smart and sensitive and responds well to treats and positive reinforcement. She was a great mom to her puppies and very protective. She got along with the fosters dog well if the puppies were not around. Now that the puppies are adopted they are fine with each other. Her breeding is unknown but she appears to be a border collie/ retriever mix. Did we mention she’s very sweet, affectionate and loves attention.

Arrived 2-6-21